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Thank You Delaware!
I am honored to have your support and faith.

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Bill of Rights a Game-Changer for Delaware Small Businesses!

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Delaware Small Business Bill of Rights

  • When it comes to their right to operate, small businesses will be treated equally as big box stores.
  • After a state government inspection or ruling, small businesses will have 25 working days to fix any broken regulations or laws without fear of fines or penalties.
  • Whether it is tax law or a new regulation (not deemed a public health emergency), small businesses will be given one year to adapt. Small businesses cannot afford a team of lawyers to comprehend new regulations and compliance issues.  They need to be given time to adjust.
  • All businesses will have the right to timely responses to state applications and inquiries.
  • All business have a right to responsive and knowledgeable assistance from state government employees
  • Businesses will not be discriminated based on geography.
  • Reduce stifling regulations by streamlining municipal and state government regulatory process.
  • All economic boards will have a representative from the small business community.
  • The Governor will not sign any bill with new regulations unless accompanied by cost estimates for implementing by both the state and the business.
  • The Governor will hold the line against taxes which stifle the economy.
  • The Division of Small Business will have leadership with small business experience


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For more information on the campaign, email info@murrayfordelaware.com

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Murray wins Delaware Republican Convention Endorsement

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Georgetown attorney and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray, fresh off her resounding victory at the Delaware Republican State Convention said that her victory demonstrates that her campaign has the momentum needed to win in November. She said her victory was truly incredible in that she has only been in the race for two months and was able in that time to defeat better known and financed opponents. Murray said that her win showed that voters want someone who is not a career politician and will be unafraid to wage the campaign needed to defeat John Carney and put Delawareans first.

“I want to thank the delegates for their endorsement of my candidacy,” said Julianne Murray. “As I campaign across our state, I hear from voters that they are tired of career politicians and the political games. Delawareans want a governor who will fight for them and put Delaware first. This victory demonstrates this.

“In two short months, my campaign has shown the momentum that will defeat John Carney in November,” continued Murray. “I urge everyone to join this campaign and help me win. It is time for a change in Delaware. I promise when I am elected that I will work day and night for the citizens of Delaware and always put them first unlike our current Governor who puts his donors and their special interests ahead of the well-being of Delawareans.”