Julianne Murray is officially in the Governors Race


Seaford, Delaware attorney Julianne Murray has entered the race to be the next Delaware Governor.  An attorney with the Sussex County-based Law Offices of Murray, Phillips & Gay, Julianne is known for tackling controversial cases and challenging the status quo in Delaware’s courts. A graduate of Delaware Law School, Murray has practiced law in Delaware since early 2012 and has recently challenged Governor Carney’s short-term rental ban in federal court.

“I believe the State of Delaware is sinking – not just because of Governor Carney’s choices of winners and losers during COVID-19 – but also the lack of solid business acumen and executive governance abilities that he has exhibited.”  Murray stated further “These shortcomings in Delaware leadership were exemplified very early in his administration by the crisis at James T. Vaughn Correctional Institution on February 1, 2017 that cost Lt. Steven Floyd his life.  Governor Carney’s entire term in office has been riddled with indecisiveness and lackluster performance.  It’s not just his mismanagement of COVID-19.  What finally made me decide to run were the nanny-state regulations involving Delawareans exercise of constitutionally-protected rights.  As an attorney I have always supported and defended the U.S. and Delaware Constitutions – Carney has exploited them.” 

“Although I’ve never held public office I have been in the public eye and have shown my dedication to the State of Delaware and its great citizens.  I bring a far different perspective than any other candidate in this race.  I will use my life experience and skill set to fight for the forgotten citizens of Delaware.  I am sure Delawareans of all political persuasions will welcome my candor and character to the race.” The website for Murray for Governor is www.murrayfordelaware.com. The live announcement was heard on several different radio stations in Delaware and Murray plans to officially file as a Republican candidate with the Delaware Department of Elections before the end of the month.