Law Enforcement Survey


Official Survey For Delaware’s Governor Election

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Do you support defunding the police and the increase in crime that comes
with it?
     No, We need them now more than ever.

     Yes, I know crime will rise but want the
police defunded.

Do you think the current demonstrations are: Protests or Riots?
     They are rioting.

     They are protesting and destroying property.

Do you want police to have the funding to respond to all 911 calls?
     Yes, I want them to come when I call!

     No, they aren’t helpful.

Have you heard of Julianne Murray, she’s running for Governor and
supports Law Enforcement?
     Yes, She has my vote!

     No, but I want to learn more!

Who are you voting for on Nov 3?
     Julianne Murray

     John Carney

     Don’t Want To Answer/Don’t Know