Murray Calls For Remembering 9/11 Victims

Says Delaware Should Always Honor Fangman and Flocco

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Georgetown attorney and the endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray, called for Delawareans to pause and remember the victims of 9/11.  She said Delaware should never forget the two Delawareans who died that day – Robert Fangman of Claymont who was on Flight 175 and Navy Aerographer’s Mate 2nd Class Matthew Michael Flocco of Newark who was at the Pentagon.  Murray said Fangman and Flocco will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Delaware and will never be forgotten. 

“I was living in the DC area on 9/11, and from my office window saw the Pentagon on fire and fighter jets patrolling the Potomac River to protect our homeland.  It is something I will never forget” said Murray. “On 9/11 the American way of life was attacked by foreign terrorists.  Now the American way of life is being attacked by domestic terrorists.  We have to unite and stand firm again and protect what is so dear to all of us.”