Murray Calls Out Carney on “Indecision Decision” on Schools

Georgetown attorney and the endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray, condemned Governor John Carney for his “indecision decision” today regarding the reopening of Delaware’s public schools under Delaware’s state of emergency.  The Governor announced that Delaware’s schools were under what the Delaware Department of Education termed Scenario 2, which is minimal to moderate community spread.  Under this scenario, Delaware schools would reopen using a hybrid model of in person and remote learning.  While this sounds like schools will reopen, the devil is in the details noted Murray.  Social distancing is required both on the school buses transporting the children and in the classroom.  Delaware does not have the school buses to adequately  social distance the returning students.  Rather than take a stand and either reopen the schools or keep them closed, Governor Carney is punting the decision and making the local school systems be the ones to announce the schools are closed, Murray said.  Murray unequivocally supports the reopening of Delaware’s public schools.

“John Carney is a master at not making a decision,” said Julianne Murray.  “Today is yet another example of the Carney Administration’s “indecision decision” process.  He knows fully well with social distancing policies in place under his draconian state of emergency that has crippled the state, local school systems do not have the school buses to transport our children.  Yet rather than announce himself that the schools will not reopen, he leaves it to the local school systems to be the ones to announce it.  It is another example of him leading from behind.

“I am reminded of the old song, “I love to dance a little sidestep” whenever I hear John Carney announce a decision because he never makes a decision,” continued Murray.  “Where is the leadership?  Someone asked me why I wanted John Carney’s job and I responded that I don’t.  I want to be Governor of Delaware.  Being Governor means making decisions.  John Carney’s entire term in office has been marked by avoiding decisions as we see again today.  He has had abdicated his role of Governor.  Delawareans deserve better. 

“I am for reopening our schools, no ifs ands or buts,” concluded Murray.  “When I am Governor, I will make the hard decisions.  You may not agree with every decision I make, but I won’t hide from making the tough choices for the citizens of the state.”