Murray Challenges Carney: Where Do You Stand On The Caesar Rodney Statue?

Murray Condemns Taking Down Rodney Statue and Attacks on Statues Of Founders

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Seaford, DE / July 1, 2020 – Georgetown attorney and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray challenged Governor John Carney on if he supported taking down the statue of American founding father and Delaware statesman, Caesar Rodney.  Wilmington, Delaware took down the statue of Rodney following demands from protesters because Rodney owned slaves.  Rodney, a member of the Second Continental Congress broke the tie allowing the Declaration of Independence to be adopted.  He also served as President (the equivalent of governor) of Delaware during the American Revolution and is considered one of the founding fathers of Delaware.  Murray noted that Carney has stayed silent on the issue of the Rodney statue.  She said it is time for him to take a stand does he support protecting statues of the founding fathers or does he believe they should come down even after presumptive Democratic nominee and Delaware resident Joe Biden said he was against removing statues of the founding fathers.  Murray stated she was adamantly opposed to removing the statue of Rodney and all the founders.

“Where does John Carney stand,” asked Julianne Murray, “Does he agree that statues like that of Caesar Rodney, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson need to be protected or does he agree with the senseless mob that has been destroying statues daily?  It is time for the Governor to take a stand.

“No nation is perfect, but the nation that Caesar Rodney and the founders created is in the words of Abraham Lincoln, the world’s last best hope,” continued Murray.  “They created a nation that is the envy of the world and their memory should be honored.  It is sad that John Carney can’t make up his mind if he believes this or not.  Guess he is waiting for his advisers and donors to tell him what to say.”

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