Murray Condemns Carney Extended SOE Orders

Says They Are a Direct Assault on Individual Liberties and Constitutional Rights

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Georgetown attorney and the endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray, condemned Governor John Carney’s latest COVID – 19 State of Emergency extension as a direct assault and threat on the individual liberties and constitutional rights of all Delawareans.  She said the expanded powers Carney has assumed should be alarming to all citizens.   Murray assailed the provisions of the extended state of emergency that allow:

  1. The use of the Delaware National Guard for “precautionary or responsive actions directed by the Director of DEMA, in consultation with the Secretary of DSHS, upon request of local authorities.”
  2. The continued suspension of all Freedom of Information Act requests until 15 days after the State of Emergency is lifted.
  3. Requires that 10 or more individuals inside a private residence, who do not live permanently in that residence, must wear a mask.
  4. When a face covering or face shield cannot be used,  individuals that are speaking, reading, or singing to a live audience must face away from the audience, maintain at least thirteen (13) feet of distance between themselves and the audience, or stand behind a physical barrier or partition, such as a sneeze guard.   

Murray noted that these extended powers, especially using the National Guard and forcing individuals to wear masks in their homes, seems straight out of George Orwell’s 1984.  Murray also wondered if Carney has continued the suspension of Freedom of Information requests so as to shield his Administration from its handling of COVID – 19 until after the election.

Murray said these actions were particularly disturbing as they were not taken due to a spike of COVID – 19 occurrences in the state, but rather, to “control and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”  Delaware has recorded some of the lowest COVID – 19 fatalities in the nation – .002%.  She said these even more stringent restrictions will further devastate the Delaware economy which has suffered dramatically with record unemployment and over 30% of the state’s small businesses either temporarily or permanently closed due to Carney’s earlier restrictions.

“This is not about public health and combatting COVID – 19 anymore.  This is about control and is a direct assault on our rights as citizens” said Murray.  “When Delaware faced protests and unrest in May and June and law enforcement was alarmed, Governor Carney did not even discuss calling the National Guard out.  Now they can be used to enforce these restrictions? Will he send the National Guard to individual homes to enforce his mask mandate?

Murray concluded, “Delaware deserves better and will have better under a Murray Administration.  This is simply too much government in our private lives.”