Murray Condemns Carney Mask Order In Private Residences

Latest Order Is A Continued Carney-Assault On Constitutional Rights

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Georgetown attorney and the endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray, condemned Governor John Carney’s latest COVID – 19 order requiring that 10 or more individuals inside a private residence, who do not live permanently in that residence, must wear a mask. 

“I am all for public safety and urge everyone to take sensible precautions in public as we battle COVID-19,” said Julianne Murray.  “But this is a direct assault on individual constitutional rights.  This is a complete encroachment on private lives and a sign of a Governor that is running unchecked.  A question it  raises, that is even more frightening, is how  Carney will enforce the law,” Murray noted. 

She wondered if Carney will send police to individual homes to enforce his mandate.

“Governor Carney is totally out of control and now seeks to regulate what people can and cannot do in their own homes,” said Murray.  “This is a yet another sign of an out of touch and out of control Governor.  If John Carney can mandate masks in private homes, what is next?”

“First John Carney crippled our economy with his orders,” concluded Murray.  “Now he wants to micromanage us in our very homes – where we have a constitutionally-guaranteed expectation of privacy.  This must end and will end when Delaware elects a governor who respects and upholds the Constitution and the law.”