Murray Condemns Vandalism and Desecration of Delaware State Police Memorial

Stands With Law Enforcement Against Democratic Attempts to Defund Police

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Seaford, DE / June 16, 2020 – Georgetown attorney and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Julianne Murray condemned the recent vandalism of the Delaware State Police Memorial.  Just days after the Delaware Police Memorial was vandalized, the Delaware State Police Memorial was the target of vandals who spray painted Black Lives Matter on it.  Murray pointed out that men and women named on the memorial paid the ultimate sacrifice while keeping Delawareans safe.  She noted that the last name that was added was that of Stephen J. Ballard, tragically killed at age 32 in 2017.  Ballard, an African American State Trooper, gave his life in an ambush attack in New Castle County. Murray pointed out that vandalizing the memorial was an insult to his memory and the brave men and women listed on the memorial.   She called for the most recent vandals and the one in custody from last week’s vandalism on the Delaware Police Memorial to be subject to criminal prosecution with possible hate crime enhancement.  Murray also reiterated her unwavering support of law enforcement and promised to fight as governor, Democratic attempts to defund the police.  

“The brave men and women listed on the Delaware Police Memorial and Delaware State Police Memorial are true heroes who made the greatest sacrifice for the citizens of Delaware,” said Julianne Murray.  “The cowards who have vandalized the memorials in the dark of night should be held appropriately accountable.”

“A man pled guilty in Maryland recently for vandalism that had a hate crime basis and was sentenced to 18 months in jail,” continued Murray. “The cowardly vandals that damaged the Police Memorial and the State Police memorial should get a similar sentence.”

“I am proud to stand 100% with law enforcement in Delaware,” concluded Murray.  “When I am elected Governor, I will resist and veto Democratic attempts to defund our police.” Murray’s spouse, who is a retired law enforcement professional, frequently appears on local talk radio to educate others of the trials and tribulations faced by law enforcement officers performing their daily work.

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